Charitable foundation Caritas Kyiv has been operating since 1992. For this period, tens of thousands of people in need have received social services, humanitarian assistance, psychological and legal care. Organization’s activity is focused on people who live in Kyiv, Kyivska, Chernihivska, Cherkassky, Zhytomyrska and Vinnytska oblasts and less on people from other regions of Ukraine.

Caritas Kyiv approach and scale of work received numerous awards and acknowledgements, among the latest: acknowledgements from Kyiv Mayor, Kyiv City State Administration, regional state administrations; honors by the National Rating of Philanthropists, Ukrainian Philanthropist Forum, Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace.

Caritas Kyiv is a part of Caritas global community with over 120 years of experience and the scale of work in more than 200 counties of the world.

Activity of the organization is based on Christian values and assistance is provided to the person in need regardless his/her religious confession, social status, ethnic origin, gender and age.


Caritas Kyiv activity includes:

✔ Mobile work with children, youth and families (crisis, low income, single-parent, large and with dependency issues): provision of primary material assistance, social services, food packages, psychological support, organization of educational events, football club, self-help groups, legal and informational consultations, game room for the youngest, mini-library, computer room, summer camps, excursions.

✔ Homecare for people with special needs, incurably-ill patients and lonely seniors:

medical assistance (measuring of blood pressure, help in medicines intake, injections and other medical services), social support (arranging documents, representing interests of beneficiaries in state and private structures, payment of communal utilities), help with household chores (buying food products, cleaning the flat, cooking), care for the body, psychological support, rent out of rehabilitation equipment, information and consultation services.

✔ Center for work with children and families who witnessed violence and had to leave their homes: individual and group consultations, workshops, developmental classes, art therapy, trainings and seminars for parents.

✔ Peacebuilding program for recovery and reconciliation: psychological consultations, groups of psychosocial support, social accompaniment, thematic trainings, facilitation of social and community initiatives, participation in cinema clubs, dance classes and theatre groups. 

✔ Center on social services provision: charity hairdresser’s, laundry, tailor’s workshop, provision of humanitarian aid in form of clothes and shoes, food and medicines. 

✔ Consultation center on countering human trafficking: psychological support and material assistance; help in search for those who disappeared abroad, consultations on issues related to travelling abroad, activities on human trafficking prevention.

✔ Targeted material assistance and counseling for ATO (anti-terrorist operation) participants and families of the deceased ones; children from orphanages, homeless people, geriatric centers dwellers and convicted.

✔ Charity initiatives, winter mobile soup kitchen, information campaigns, cultural events and simmer camps. 

Among the main donors and partners:


- Catholic Relief Services, CNEWA (Catholic Near East Welfare Association), Knights of Columbus in Ukraine, Ukrainian Greek-Catholic church, Caritas Ukraine, Caritas Germany, Caritas Austria, Renovabis

- METRO, Mondelis Ukraine, Kyivstart, KyivEnergo, UkrPoshta, “Fullbank” Kyiv city charitable foundation, Uklon, Le Boutique, Lviv Chocolate Manufactory, Cargill Ukraine, Eonia 

- State social services, HealthRight International, La Strada, Lviv Education Foundation, Magnolia TV. 

Caritas Kyiv team includes almost 35 employees and over 100 volunteers who are involved in various projects and initiatives.


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«Благодійний Фонд “Карітас-Київ”»
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ЦФ ПАТ ”Кредобанк” в м. Києві
ЄДРПОУ 21477781, МФО 325365
*призначення платежу: благодійна пожертва


02139 м. Київ, вул. Микитенка, 7-б

+38 (044) 512 00 85
Кол-центр: +38(050) 380 99 83

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